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6 definitions by leshen

a shiny penis
OMG Melissa, did you see that mcgurkle?
by leshen January 27, 2011
an event, day or weekend that is both fantastic and full of sunshine.
I am looking forward to a suntastic weekend.
by leshen January 21, 2011
Caretakers fatigue
My husband is at home recovery from surgery. I think I am suffering from nursification
by leshen March 11, 2011
Popcorn addiction
I think I suffer from palomitas de maíz disorder. When I go shopping and see Zebra popcorn, my heart skips a beat. I cannot get enough popcorn.
by leshen March 11, 2011
An excellent glass of cabernet.
Beverly, that glass is cabtastic.
by leshen January 27, 2011
Someone that sucks the life out of you.
The complainers at work are such McCrackens. If they suck any more life from me, I will be a deflated balloon.
by leshen October 12, 2011