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When the temperature outside drops enough that you can keep your precious beer cold without the use of a traditional fridge. If it's cold enough outside, its more effective than the old-fashioned fridge.
"Hey I'm going to the kitchen, y'all want another beer?"

"I didn't put the beer in that fridge, it's outside in God's Fridge."


"I brought a case o' beer while we watch the game, where do you want it?"

"Put it outside on the deck that's God's Fridge."
by leafsblowgoats December 11, 2009
When a super-keener at work sends an email to a co-worker or boss to show how late they've stayed at work. The content of the email is usually non-essential or downright frivolous.
Email sent at 6:45- "Hi Boss, just an update on the to-do list you gave me - it's now complete" "Thanks for the Timeclock Email underling."
by Leafsblowgoats July 29, 2010
Def'n #1: When an email gets passed around the office very quickly - usually when it wasn't supposed to.

Def'n #2: The speed with which the fun office rumours or gossip get passed around.
Jay: Our whole department has seen that wicked email you sent to Steve - that's NSFW!
May: Whoa, that was just meant for him. Dangit, it's gone Office Viral...

Sal: Hey, did you hear who Stupid Sexy Flanders is hooking up with?
Hal: Totally, but where have you been - that went Office Viral last week.
by leafsblowgoats September 30, 2013
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