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probably the worst band in the world right now. They use the same 3 power chords for every song which attributes to them all sounding the same.The singer (i dont care to remember his name) tries so hard to be eddie vetter but just sucks.the rhythem section is tottaly uninspired and the solos which are rarely heard due to the guitar player sucking are so easy and bland a 3 year old could play them easily. also they often try to appear like rock n roll "bad boys" by :o drinking alchohol. wow slash died for like half an hour when he o.d thats bad. being 25 and in Nickelback and drinkin half a corona thats weak.If anyone actually bothered to play a guitar or any insturment they would realize this band is totally gay
Nickelback sucks. why is rush the only good and talented canadian rock band?
by larry122 July 31, 2006
A pizza covered in fried chicken and watermelon. Often comes with a grape soda
i had diarea after i ate that nigga pizza at coon's pizzaria
by larry122 July 19, 2006
When you pull your dick up your ass so it looks like a nose. draw eyes on your ass for extra realism
Dude, when you did The Richard Nixon to me yesterday I thought i was looking at a Time magazine from 1964.
by larry122 April 23, 2006
When you have rough sex with your wife and you cum in her ass and the next time she goes to take a shit its all white and sticky.
i bet suzy will have assjizz in the morning
by larry122 April 22, 2006
when ones pancreas explodes (from duff mckagan of guns n' roses)
dude i was wasted last night i fucked like 4 chinese prostetutes then my pancreas duff'd
by larry122 April 23, 2006
when some one moons you and pushes their sack back near their ass it's called a double backer
hey derek when you double backerd me you had poo chunks on your nuts
by larry122 April 22, 2006
a shitty band that is a carbon copy of Nickelback, which isnt a good thing they all suck at their insturments.
Pearl Jam is awsome why does like every new band copy them and sound super shitty doing it? like theory of a deadman and NIckelback and all those other band thats sound like if pearl jam sucked.
by larry122 July 31, 2006

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