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4 definitions by larry papini

eating pizza while listening to rap music.
hey i'm going to pizza hut and i'm going to rapparoni
by larry papini January 17, 2007
9 1
to walk like you just got off the toilett
jesus henry we have the damn president here don't dottle
by larry papini October 30, 2007
7 7
when someone did sumthing really cool or crazy or stupid and you don't have a camera all you have to say is that it's a you tuber
damn larry papini that was a you tuber moment
by larry papini August 03, 2007
4 7
the blood gang that has there turf in homewood and the hill district hoods of pittsburgh.
damn the pittsburgh bloods are coming to the hill district hoods again
by larry papini October 30, 2007
26 72