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Northern New Jersey is known to be wealthy area. Unfortunatley, Northvale is known to be like the "Brooklyn" of Northern Valley. It is the type of town in which instead of seeing a "Deer Crossing" sign on a busy street, you need to see a "teenager crossing" sign. Although Northvale is a very popular place to go during the day to hang out, people would rather avoid the black gates, shady woods, and dark allys at night. It is the type of town for people who can barely afford to live in Northern Valley to live in. The Youth of Northvale likes to spend their weekendss by lying down in the middle of Livingston Street, Jwalking, hopping fences, walking through the mcdonald's drive through in an invisible car, and setting of fireworks at veterans.
Did you just cross the street on a green light? You must be from Northvale.
by lala133 June 19, 2011
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