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3 definitions by kzaj

Quntzscare (noun) Kuhnt-skei-yer. Derived from German Cöntskëir.
1. An action which should not be done.
2. An action which has come to pass but probably shouldn't have.
Courtney made out with Jordan's boyfriend. Total quntzscare.
by kzaj July 24, 2009
30 1
blimm: barely laughing in my mind

Instead of using 'lol' which stands for 'laughing out loud', use blimm when you're really just 'barely laughing in your mind'.
In an IM
friend1: hey dude, i just watched south park's newest episode. wasn't that hilarious?
friend2: blimm it was so great!
by kzaj September 12, 2009
13 3
Emih8, otherwise known as "Wikipedia Bitch", is a character from the website and forum PostSecret Community, with the username "antigravity_emily". She originally was born from the pits of Hell, where her vaj was too engrossing of all things dark and perpetually shameless for even the Devil's eyes. Gay men vomit at the thought of her. All gathered information on this beast can be found at the research center of PSCÖ: (PostSecret Community Offensive) forums, especially on the thread, "the name emily".

Not much is known about this wretched beast, but what is known is that no one ever can win an argument with her, for her opinions are always correct and always backed up by Wikipedia.
Emih8: "I know everything about everything: see, this is clearly my own work and I'm not plagiarizing anything!"
PSCers: "Uhh no?"
Emih8: "I know I'm right cuz I'm a bitch! Herr derr!"
by kzaj February 16, 2010
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