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youve seen them. they stand around bus stations and macdonalds with burberry (is that how its spelt) hats, and immitation tracksuits. dont forget the cheap "bling" and obsession with mobile phones.

chavs try to pronounce as little constonants in a word as possible,and ay it as rude as possible so "may i see your phone?" becomes "oi may le mee c ur fon"

the female chav will listen to any black woman singing about how they got cheated on by their ex. the male will listen to rappers talking about how they "blow caps in a n***** ass" on the "westside" (the male chav will also claim they are from the "westside" even if they are clearly easter)
"omg innit bruv, 'e cul'd uz shovs"
"no, i called u a chav"
"is i' coz am black?"
"but your white"
"cum on dave, lez leave dis twa' n' go to du kebab van"
by kubrick fan June 11, 2005

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