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A gigantically enormous female. Comes from the combination of Buffalo and Gorilla.
The girls on the flag squad are real buffarillas.
by knepski October 16, 2004
a woman's vagina. The hairier, the scarier. A giant massive bush.
My 9th grade teacher was making a move on me and I was into it until she unleashed her hairy scary.
by knepski October 16, 2004
the art of masterbation
Dude, if I don't jank the stank I'm gonna go nuts.
by knepski October 16, 2004
when every knows that your fuckin' around
It's common knowledge that Grant got the lemonade special at the Williams'.
by knepski October 16, 2004
common acronyn which stands for
Have You Ever Fucked A Nigger?

This very common question is always followed in proper form with
which of course stands for
Well I Thought I Did Until I Saw 2 Nigger's Fuckin'

The standard reply to the previous statement is WDTFL?
which we all know means
What Do They Fuck Like?

This is really the age old question that is summed up by the answer JR's
with JR's being Jack Rabbits which is indeed what all niggers fuck like

Please note that nowhere in this coversation is anything having to do with proverbial jack rabbits. We're talking about the real deal here people
by knepski August 16, 2004
to make someting more gay than it was originally intended
By moving their wheels out beyond the body of their truck bodys, the mexicans have really fagged-up their trucks.
by knepski August 16, 2004
a common gesture similar to the shocker, or love gun. Simply stated poking someone in the asshole with one's finger(s). Usually followed by shock and confusion.
The batsignal isa great way to make your girlfriend rollover in the middle of the night.
by knepski October 16, 2004

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