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you won't do it

used when someone says they'll do something, or to pressure them into doing it
John- I'm getting the new Pokémon
Jacob- ywdi
John- ooooh i will
by kiwimonstuh October 25, 2009
not talking to you
-h4y m4n, whatsup?
-ew, well i'm ntty either
by kiwimonstuh August 23, 2009
is that a yes or a no

-a term coined my kiwi
-are u down for tonight
by kiwimonstuh August 20, 2009
1. An expression used when disagreeing.

2. Used as a bleep in order to avoid saying something.
1. Casey: Apples are vegetables
Evan: Pshhhh

2. John: Did you see that girls psh?
by Kiwimonstuh September 30, 2008

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