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2 definitions by kidzthezedayz

A tree lined, clean, and safe neighborhood at the eastern end of Queens NY, bordering Nassau county. Unlike the rest of Queens, there are no guidos, greeks, or eastern europeans in Glen Oaks, only skaters, whiggers, stoners, and a shitload of brown people (indians, pakistanis, guyanese). Recently there has been an influx of middle class black families. As late as 2000, there were virtually no franchise restaurants in the neighborhood, including the major commercial strip on Union Turnpike. After 2000 McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts replaced a fresh produce store and fish market. McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts have become hangouts and the neighborhood is less beautiful as a result. People from the rest of Queens notice our quiet streets and believe they are in Long Island while people from Long Island notice bodegas and halal carts and think they've entered an urban hellhole. Worst part about Glen Oaks is that the zoned high school is Martin Van Buren, however virtually no one from Glen Oaks actually goes there. Brighter kids attend Bronx Science, Stuyvesant or Townsend Harris while average kids will go to Catholic school or lie about their address. Everything about this definition applies also to the adjacent neighborhoods of Floral Park (Flo Town) and Bellerose (Hellrose)
Person from Western Queens: where are you from?

Person from Glen Oaks: Glen Oaks, its on the nassau border

Person from Western Queens: Oh, you live in Long Island

Person from Glen Oaks: not really, I have a 718 phone #, I watch NY1, and I went to NYC public schools.

Guy from Glen Oaks: I'm from Glen Oaks
Guy from Long Island: whoa, don't shoot me
by kidzthezedayz September 30, 2011
Having no concept of what actual wealth is, so that when you obtain a modest amount of money (say a couple thousand dollars) you feel as if you are actuallly rich. People from the ghetto who usually live off of modest welfare checks then decide to sell drugs and make a couple thousand in a week fall into this category. People who are nigger rich often talk about how they have stacks or racks of cash, which sounds silly to normal people who keep their money in the bank where it will appreciate and become more money. People who are nigger rich are interested in flashy cars and cloths but couldn't care less about their health or education. People who are nigger rich quickly revert back to being poor, because as stated, they don't understand what actual wealth is.
person who is nigger rich: I have stacks of cash, I pop bottles of champagne and I drive a Denali cuzz I'm a straight up baller

productive human being: I have a diverse financial portfolio and I drive a prius because its better for the environment and will contribute less to children developing asthma
by kidzthezedayz September 05, 2011