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we're going to be late
hurry up d00d! we're going to miss the pistol round!
by kevin poenisch January 03, 2006
a glitch in super smash brothers for nintendo 64 where you can shield (hitting z) just as you hit the ground to avoid the finishing the animation sequence of your move.
when using link's air a-down into the ground, you're pretty much screwed unless you z cancel.
by kevin poenisch January 09, 2006
its origin comes from when playing a console game, where it means to push the joystick as far as possible in a certain direction
it has come to have a more literal meaning, as in having as much fun as possible
most people don't realize that the hardest jump on the invisible cap level for super mario 64 can easily be accomplished if you max the joy to the right

"max the joy tonight d00d"
by kevin poenisch January 03, 2006
Originating from the Nintendo 64 game Wayne Gretsky's 3D Hockey '98 where it was a defensive move in which the player would get on his/her knees in order to block a shot, this word has come to mean an expression of joy or excitement.
see also: w00t
I just won the lottery. Kneez!
by Kevin Poenisch June 06, 2005
originating from a defensive move in wayne gretzky's 3d hockey 98 for nintendo 64, this word is used as an expression of joy or excitement.
"i just shot a 53 in disc golf"
by Kevin Poenisch May 16, 2005

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