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the opposite of virgin, made up of the words were and virgin, because if your not a virgin then you were a virgin a long time ago so your a wirgin
shit mate have you ever had it off before, ive never seen you with a bird, course bruv im no virgin im a wirgin
by keirse July 12, 2010
this is the mess that is always there after you have finished a session with your girl, both your secretions, and sometimes hair or other unknown objects now stain your matress or bed covers
rrrr baby that was fantastic, argh shit i just rolled into the sex soup, hahaha
by keirse July 12, 2010
is an agreement between former lovers after they have split up not to sleep with eachothers friends or sulley there good name or fail to return belongings of that person
me and jenny split up today, dont worry though we have a post nuptial agreement so it should be amicable
by keirse July 11, 2010
a name given to a girls erect nipples
mate have you the nipple-ons on that girl, careful they'll poke your eyes out !
by keirse July 12, 2010
someone dodgy trying to add you as a friend on a social networking site.
mate im on facebook, only want people i know on my friends list, but all these fakeface's keeping trying to add me, never seen or heard of them
by keirse July 10, 2010
when the female of the speices gets together with friends, normally to discuss the failings of there men and what they can do about it, this is know as bitch craft
alright mate where's your girl today ? out somewhere proberly practising bitch craft
by keirse July 12, 2010
the dirtiest of all burps, right after someone has been stuffing there face with macdonalds or burger king, then lets out an almighty belch, and the smell is that of pure evil, makes you flap the smell away like it was a bee after you
that big mac was goooood man, buuurrrppp ! arrr shit dude that reeks, proper burger burp, ewww
by keirse July 12, 2010
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