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3 definitions by kazspeanutt

-to touch oneself in a sexual manner.

-to masturbate.
''She diddles herself. Alottt.''

''He wanted sexual satisfaction, but his girlfriend couldn't come over...so he diddled himself instead.''
by kazspeanutt December 01, 2009
101 59
1. adorable

2. amazing

3. beautiful

4. wonderful

5. fantastic

6. mine
''Duckee is adorable, amazing, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, and mine.''
by kazspeanutt November 27, 2009
5 2
-to masturbate while thinking of\reading\looking at pictures of Twilight.

-to ''diddle'' yourself to Twilight\Twilight related things.

**twilight, twilighting, twilights, twilighted**
''His little sister is obsessed with Edward. She definitely twilights herself all day and night.''

''It was horrible! I walked in on my sister twilighting herself!''
by kazspeanutt December 01, 2009
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