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Pink Finger a.k.a. 'Taggers Thumb' is a fictional condition caused by a rare cancer of the spine which causses your digits turn un-natural colours. In reality it is a result of too much stencil-bombing.
1. Ant: Mum, can I have the day off school, my pink finger's flared up again?

2. Tom: Ant, move you hand or you'll get pink finger.
by JuiceHead July 02, 2006
An incredibly stupid person that appears to be intelligent at a glance.
person 1: Mr Burts well cool, he used to be in the UFL.

person 2: UFL, whats that?

person 1: The European Football League.

person 2: You dumbshit, youre such a millett sometimes.
by juicehead July 17, 2006
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