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1. The best country on planet Earth...Period.

If you disagree, there are only 2 explanations:
1. You are mentally handicapped. (retarted, for those of you who are just above this level.)
2. You live or used to live in a country that you know is not nearly as great as the U.S.A., and are therefore envious.

And if you live in America and have a problem with the country, here is a quote for you:
"If you are mad at this country, and pissed at what we do, then i say drag your skank ass somewhere else and see how you do. I know you will be back, because you'll find it to be true, that there ain't no better place than the Red, White, and Blue.
If little Chan-Tong Lee from China was asked by his teacher to point out on a globe the one place in the world that he thinks is the greatest, there would be no doubt that he would get a boner while directing his finger towards The United States of America.

It's a no brainer for anyone who knows anything...WE ARE THE BEST!
by jtU.S.A.#1 July 18, 2009

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