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3 definitions by jose gonzales

1 .small contry in central america,
they even send troops to irak
3.A country people are very friendly, hard working and good for business
a country that is hated by other latin countries especially Mexico , Honduras and Guatemala , mostly due to envy because althoug its small it faster developtment and healthier economy ,has biggers ties with th US a . Pure capitalism and they earn dollars not Pesos.kick ass airport freeways and malls. has the biggest Gold reserves in the region.
30% of the population is of jewish decent not religion and many of the population have good thoughts of america.
4. The posible 52 state of the union , becuase of the high american support , the goverment whants everybody talking english by 2010 .and you see many american flags in cars buses, homes and busineses of non americans .
5.A great country to visit , with kick ass food and beaches one of the 10 best countries for surf.
6.a future developed country , where they are changin agriculture for industry and are building great freeways , schools and colleges for a bright future .
7.One of the few capitalist countries in Latin america 8.future manufaturer of BMW motorcycles for work (acording to an argentinian channel.
Were did you go this summer man/
i went to salvador , great beaches , food roads ,hotels and great tropical wheather.

Hey dude look at all those american flags in the cars , where are we Cali. ? No dude its El Salvador

Hey how much for the hamac mam? its 2 dollars senor
Cool i love this place
by jose gonzales April 19, 2006
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*.name of the United States of America National Anthem .
*.The most heard National anthem in the Summer olimpics .
*.One of the best national anthems , including the russian and the french anthems .
Star spangled banner =USA national Anthem
Oh say can you see.....
>on the land of the freeeeeeeee, and the home of theeee
best heard with whitney houston , frank sinatra , marvin gaye or jesse maguire
by Jose gonzales April 19, 2006
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people from germany , that arent racist as long as you are white , i went to a german school and they always used the racist words , shit im a tanned italian.
im german wont give you my hand jesse owens.

the best cars are germans , the best girls are german , the smarthes are german , the best mexican food is german.
by jose gonzales April 18, 2006
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