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4 definitions by jormeidt allochtre

Someone who likes slightly tanned boys, preferably younger.
Hey, are you a Pedrophile?
by jormeidt allochtre October 23, 2006
30 20
A very big mostache which would be inconvenient when the mostached person wants to snort drugs; he'd probably brush it all away
Go shave that table brush Gar!
by jormeidt allochtre October 24, 2006
10 2
When you do a 'number 2' on the toilet, and you clearly recognize things you ate, you've seen those before!
I've just had a deja vu on the toilet, I saw yesterday's peanuts again!
by jormeidt allochtre October 25, 2006
19 26
Knobcheese, smegma, remains of 'joyfluid' or sperm on a man's penis. Usually caused by bad hygene or uncontrolled loss of pre-cum, when not being able to clean it right away.
Because it's white and smelly like cheese, Brie is a good name for it.
Yuck! Go wash your pee-pee, there's Brie all over it!
by jormeidt allochtre October 23, 2006
67 137