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A group of people from a part of the uk that know one really cares about,
They mostly work underground and are easy to spot as they walk around with black faces and hands like minstrals.
There women wear big black hats like chimney stacks and dress like hay stacks and smell of dead vegitation and rotting fish.
This is proberbly why all welsh boys shag sheep.
The wesh lingo is only spoken by a small part of the country as it is compleate jibberish and know one understands it.
Welsh = in wales it is either raining or going to rain they cannot sing unless there are 30 or more of em.
They are crap at rugby and football tennis, golf, you name it there crap at it, there lingo sounds like a person choking on vomit (and they smell like it too)
The only things the welsh can do is dig for coal and shag sheep ,
There national sport is moaning
The best thing about the welsh? there is none thats why they are all stuck in the valleys bumping into one another and saying boyo looking for a prize leek,
#sheep shagger #taffy #welsh #smelly #daffadils #vomit
by jonny england August 25, 2006
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