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In a nutshell:
-A Chonga (shown-guh) is typically a Hispanic girl from Miami, Florida who expresses a desire for regard as ghetto and the admiration of chongos through her form of dress and speech.

The Chonga wears:
-Oversized gold or silver hoop earrings, most likely with her name (or sexy, or baby girl) written in them, nameplate necklaces, an abundance of gold or silver costume jewellery
-Brazilian pants- skin-tight, low riding jeans that appear to be painted on, and are sometimes adorned with rhinestones or strategically placed cut-out slits; the most popular color among Chongas for Brazilian pants is white.
-Spandex tank tops, oversized solid color t-shirts
-Tupac (or 2Pac) t-shirts
-Reebok, Jordan, and Converse sneakers
-Meticulously color coordinated outfits
-Black, Nike drawstring bags
-The occasional blue or green contact lenses

The Chonga wears her hair:
-In wet, tight curls, the front (bangs) gelled down and hidden behind the ears
-Partly cornrowed
-Adorned with a thin headband at the very front of her hairline
-In a tight ponytail or half updo, slathered with gel
-Flat ironed for special occasions
-Dyed auburn, black, or blonde

The Chonga speaks:
-A distinct mix of poorly imitated Ebonics and heavily accented Spanglish, with emphasis on vowels, freely throwing around the words pero (Spanish for but), nigga, bitch, shit, and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaym

The Chonga writes:
-juSzTT LiiK diiSz’ s00 yAll hAttASz’ bESzTT bAkk 0FF AiiT’
The Chonga likes:
-R&B, rap and reggaeton
-Pitt Bull, Tupac, T.I., Lil Wayne, Daddy Yankee
-The flea market (or,“the flea”), the fair (when in town), malls, clubs, basketball courts, public parks and buses, the streets of Hialeah
-Fighting fellow chongas over chongos
-Posing for a gallery full of borderline pornographic Myspace photos

Contrary to popular belief:
-A Chonga is not a Chola.
-The vast majority of Chongas (that is, about 98% of them) actually do not wear Sharpie-drawn eyebrows with peaks higher than Mount Everest. The myth proliferated when a picture of two Cholas with sky high cartoon/witch/madman arches trekked its way through Myspace.
-The practice of lining one’s lips with chocolate brown lip liner has, for the most part, died out in the Chonga community. Lipliner, which had its Chonga heyday from the mid to late 1990s, has been dumped for another, newer mouth accessory- grillz. Increasingly popular with the Chonga are gold or diamond grillz worn on the bottom row of her teeth.
-While the majority of Chongas continue to wear their signature tight, gelled down ponytail, a large percentage has apparently neglected the hairstyle due to its exploitation recent ridicule of the Chonga subculture.
-Chongas are well and alive beyond Miami; spot them in New York, New Jersey and virtually every metropolitan area in the States
LiiLXXwAYn3SzXXWiiF3Y: dAAAAAAAaaaYYyyyyMM''DaTT WiiTe MuTT biiTcH aSSz h0 nEEd 2 SzTT0pp tAKKiiN ShiiTT

dAdExCoUnTiixChULiiTTa: 'ii NO' fO RiiL DaTT hO sAY U iiSz' a ChONGa nD DaTT biiTcH bESzTT jUSz sTToP O dEy GoN b sUm dEEp ShiiTT nD iiMa sPaRkk huH ASz PeRO fO RiiL yO'
by jonez, jeruzalem May 12, 2007

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