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4 definitions by jon hinch

A White Nationalist acronym meaning "Zionist Occupied Government" Also can be applied to examples of said system or persons helping it .
The large number of mixed race couples in advertising are ZOG!
by Jon Hinch June 14, 2006
Originating from the Isle of Wight,(U.K) Somewhen is a combination of somewhere and sometime .It can mean either or sometimes both - Used casually it often means never as in
We'll meet again
don't know where
don't know when
but I know we'll meet again etc.
We must meet up together somewhen !
by jon hinch June 14, 2006
Irish catholic - derogatory

Resident of the bogside in Derry in the north if Ireland
Damn bog wogs . If they rioted like this in our African colonies we would machine gun the lot of them !
by Jon Hinch June 14, 2006
packed lunch - as used on the Isle of Wight
dont eat your nammet now its only 11 o'clock
by jon hinch June 14, 2006