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4 definitions by johnywadd

A computing department within a shit university that teaches one language usually very badly.
Ali: Yo, Ahmed is you doing programming this semester innit?

Ahmed: Yes bruv me is doing Java

Ali: Oh my days we is one of them Java Schools
by Johnywadd February 09, 2010
The inverse of chav. A schweffe can be spotted around town often wearing a tweed jacket and red trousers. Aka a hooray henry.
Gary: Did you just spot that nobber walk past wearing the Barbour jacket and wellies?

Dave: Yes mate, what a tool. He must be a schweffe.
by Johnywadd March 06, 2012
Wanker Learning Environment (WLE)

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used by "learning technologists" who think Web 2.0 is a real technology.
Giles: Did you see my latest entry on the WLE?
Sebastian: I didn't, I was too busy posting to Twatter
Giles: Oh Sebastian you are such a learning technologist!
by Johnywadd April 07, 2010
The result of masturbating so many times that only hot air can come out of your urethra.
Dave: Did you see that fit bird on chaturbate the other day with the massive jugs

Steve: Yeah mate, I was bashing off so many times that I ended up piping hot air.
by Johnywadd July 13, 2014