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a fat faggot who loves the cock more than anything. he sits around all day long thinking about dicks he wants to suck. one time in the locker room he tried to suck my dick and it was quite frightening i tried to push him away but he took me down the rolls on his body squished me and i couldnt move so i twisted his man titties till they turned purple.

i think he likes to suck penis because he is fat and people make fun of him so when he is giving head he feels good about himself and it boosts his self motivation.

i also think he needs to get the huge penis out of his butt its affecting him at school and in his studies. i think thats why hes so retarded.
hey footy get off my dick!

your such a footy stop suckings guys's dicks.

why are you such a footy i dont like it when you suck my dick?
by john beluchi June 20, 2008

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