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Havertown's hotspot, where kids from the ages of 13 to 18 from haverford, annunciation, and bonner go on friday and saturday nights. located next to little wawa and the police station, the skatium is a popular place for buying, selling, and doing drugs. underaged drinking is quite popular as well. best location for getting with people and getting in fights. Behind it is the police field, known for the pile of snow and the infamous "stavi" who walks around picking up change.
"hey nick, im out. can we stop behind the skatium to get some more ? i heard johns sellin for $3 a pack."

"lets head over to the skatium, we'll find some 7th grade hoes who'll do just about anything for money for wawa"

"lets get shitfaced and hang out behind the skatium"
by joe, hugh, and amber February 02, 2008
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