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Every class at Suny Maritime has one, most have spent the night with it. But now the question arises what is the Suny Maritime blast? Well eager urban dictionary reader its quite simple The blast is the slut of all sluts, she will sleep with almost anything that moves or has legs. Many of the Blasts will perform Bi-Sexual acts including but not limited to Fingering previous blasts on camera. Often times these creatures have many STDS and syphilis. Bone at your own risk boys/ladies.
Maritime Blast was worried about her figure so she went on an all sperm diet.

Maritime blast was bored so she humped everyone on my deck

Maritime Blast has cooties and syphilis
by JockinCj42091 October 01, 2009
The man, Adolf got so much poon in the concentration camps its not even funny he would tell the hot jew chicks that if they participated in his pornos they would be set free and after the videos were done he would personally cap there asses. He had plans to create the internet and start the first site up called nazionjew.com until his wife found all the porn on his external hard drive and deleted al the sweet footage. Many believe that he killed him self because he was going to lose the war but the real reason was he was so upset about losing his porn stash he just killed him self. Also Hitler was known to install slip and slides in the concentration day camps on hot days man that must have been some fun.
Adolf Hitler- Hey jew you want some nazi cock?
Jew- No i'm married and have kids

Adolf Hitler ill set you free if you let me fuck you and video tape it while your son watches
Jew- done
by jockincj42091 September 21, 2010

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