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a major league baseball team who plays their home games at Wrigley Field on the north side of Chicago, Illinois. A few notable facts about the Cubs:
- One of the original National League teams
- Mostly known for their long World Series drought (101+ years)
- The first team to appear in back-to-back World Series (1906-1908)
- The first team to win back to back World Series (1907-1908)
- Biggest rivals are the Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals
- Have played in the same ballpark since 1916, longer than all teams except the Boston Red Sox
- 1st team to win 10 000 games playing in a single city (2nd team to win 10 000 games overall, after the New York/San Francisco Giants)
Fans of Chicago Cubs vs. Fans of Chicago White Sox: Which are better?
- Loyalty: Cubs
- Knowledge: Undecided
- Tradition: Cubs
- History: Cubs
- Sheer numbers: Cubs
- Consistent winners: Sox (i don't know if it's good or bad)
- Die-hard fans: Too close to call; Cubs a slight edge, maybe.
- Fair-weather fans: Sox have more.
- Bandwagon fans: Cubs have too many.
- Passion: Can't call
Overall: The Cubs have the better fan community aside from all of the bandwagon jumpers. That is not to say that Sox fans are not true baseball fans (aside from the whole DH thing, but that's another story).
by jk44 October 22, 2009
Use of the word "fuck."
--Fuck doing work.
--Did you just drop the f - bomb?
by jk44 November 16, 2009
an insult in reference to the Chicago White Sox, the shittier baseball team whose goddamn park, U.S. Cellular Field, is nothing but a giant advertisement. The Cubs have better players, a better park in Wrigley Field, and much better fans (with the exception of Steve Bartman
Man Fuck the white sux! The Cubs can kick their ass any day! And no, Wrigley Field is NOT a gay bar!
by jk44 April 08, 2007
A popular internet dictionary, and the best one that you will ever find. Any other online dictionary is a piece of shit.
If you don't know what urbandictionary.com is, you're a true dumbass! (In case that is the case, it is THIS SITE!!)
by jk44 April 08, 2007

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