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1 definition by jetthead Lyn-Z

A kick ass rocker who started in a band called The Runaways.She was 15.One of the best kick ass rockers ever.She let people see that grrrls can play rock n roll.Without giving a damn about what people think.She was in movies like Light of DAy,Boogie Boy,and so on.She's been on t.v. shows.She played warped tour,and rocked peoples socks.She is 46 and still kicking ass.Born with the name Joan Marie Larkin.She loves rock n roll,and thats never going to change.Plays a gibson melody maker.Her voice just sends shivers down peoples spines.She really seems to love her fans,unlike other rockstars.She is just the best...She sure don't give a damn about ther bad reputation.
The coolest grrrl ever.The most awesome rocker.Joan Jett is the best ever.
by jetthead Lyn-Z November 07, 2006