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A group of girls that are all freinds but are tied together because they all like the same player.
Tom: Hey what are you doing this morning?
Bob: Im hoping not to get shot, Im going running with my drama harem.
#drama #harem #group #player #running
by jessbat February 09, 2010
a girl who You see flaunt different brands of high end fake purses, bags, scarfs, etc.. Mostly purchased in one single trip to NYC, Canal St.
Ex: that Jackie is such a canal cunt.. Did u see her talking about her new LV, trying to pass it as real? The logos where sliced like a lobster tail.
#canal #cunt #lv #logo #brands
by jessbat March 26, 2012
Weekly lunch to discuss ongoing drama, held at restaurant where MORE drama will be created
Lets have a drama lunch at Houstons.
#drama #lunch #animosity #infighting #cattiness
by Jessbat February 09, 2010
The last bit of cum that drips out of your dick after intercourse.
Bob, I just finished fucking Mary , pulled my underwear on and had massive aunt jemima drip going on.
#aunt #jemima #drip #bitch #booty
by jessbat April 18, 2010
Cellphone that will not accept texts or calls from a phone owned by someone who it deems unholy.
I cant get any texts or calls from any of my stripper friends, i must have one of those christian phones.
#christian #phone #unholy #stripper #calls
by jessbat February 09, 2010
A compilation cd made for an ex girlfriend/boyfriend that creates strong suicidle thoughts by jilted ex boyfriend/girlfriend.
Bob," I made a suicide cd for Jane , I hope that bitch chooses the final solution" . LOL
#suicide #bitch #ex #friend #christian
by jessbat April 18, 2010
A facebook page that is toxic
Did you write on Jane's facebook wall?
No way man , that chic has facebook herpes.
#facebook #herpes #toxic #loose #easy
by jessbat April 15, 2010
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