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some whipped bitch who thinks he gets all the bitches. but in fact, doesnt.
guy 1: that guys such a kborg.
guy 2: yeah he gets nothing.
#kieran #kborg #kbag #whipped bitch #3rd wheel #3rd leg
by jesex cardaboner May 04, 2009
when you drink so much that you start "crunken" forgetting what happened, what you did, what you saw.

drinking to the point of utter stupidity.
mark: saturday night guys, my place, beer pong, lets get crunken drunk.
devon: yeah sounds good. fuck the sac next week.


tushar: did you guys see me last night? i cant remember anything i was so crunken drunk. i woke up with shaveen, fuck im so stupid.
kieran: bahahahah what a bitch.
#kborg #drunk #smashed #wasted #crunk and drunk #beer #beer pong
by jesex cardaboner May 13, 2009
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