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1 definition by jermaine jenas

One of the most hated clubs in the Premiership. Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham all hate Spurs (going back to Spurs' large Jewish fanbase) though really it is out of jealousy. Spurs have the best fans in the prem (all this bullshit about toon and sunderland is shite, they all leave when the going gets tough)

to summarise tottenham are amazing, although the results and performances of the team are unpredictable but after all when else can you see amazing players such as richardo rocha and ben alwick??
tottenham hotspurs 5 - 1 arsenal

arsenal fan: yeah its carling cup we didnt play our best team

me: so your best team doesnt include fabregas, adebayor, Van Persie or gallas(before he went mental)
by jermaine jenas July 02, 2009