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Hapa girls or guys are more likely to be good-looking than any other race. Nonetheless, it does not mean that all of them are either handsome or hot, but they are just more likely to be.

Hapa guys and girls have a lot of success dating, either whites or asians or any other races. This can be explained by the fact that they usually tend to act more like whites than asian and so are very sociable and not geek at all.

One thing to be noticed is that a lot of hapa guys do not respect their mothers for marrying a white man because even though they are probably good-looking and popular, they still feel bound to their asian brothers and hate asian-american women that only date whites.

Fathers of Hapas are often white men that had a yellow fever. They usually pretend and try to be interested in the asian culture but are not. Hapa guys see their fathers as those white men with a yellow fever and do not love them.
Natalie: "What's so special with this asian guy? Why is he so hot and look different?"

Laura: "That's because he's half asian. An asian guy cannot be that handsome."
by jennnnyyy May 25, 2009

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