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A presidential canidate, who if elected would most likely do the following:
1. remove the 2nd amendment
2. down size the military, and cut funding to devolope new weapons, and technologies vital to our defence.
3. allow more and more illegal immigrants to obtain citizenships.
4. limit the 1st amendment
5. try to destroy the christain religion
6. take the word god out of the pledge, money, and will not place his hand on the bible.

He says he's going to bring change, but what is this the change we really want?? think about it, he doesn't care about our country, he wont even pay respect to the flag.

no im not a republican, im a libertarian.
Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ
Barack Obama is muslim
Barack and Saddam have something in common the name Hussein
by jebidia February 26, 2008

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