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a scene kid is someone who tries to be emo, but isn't. They tend to wear converse shoes all the time, with tight jeans and tight tops. Their hair covers most of their face and is usually dies, black with red, black with blonde or blonde with black. If they need glasses (and sometimes if they don't) they will have thick square ones. THeir hair is always short and they draw elaborate designs with eyeliner on their face thinking it makes them 'different'. They cut themselves to fit in with the rest of the scene, sometime cutting words like 'die' and 'kill' and 'depressed' onto themselves. They then pretend they are depressed and make up stories about how hard their life is. In portsmouth, uk, a popular place to hang out is the guildhall or 'guild' as the scene kids call it or victoria park which is shortened to 'vikky park' or anywhere they can get stoned, drink alcohol, smoke and have sex in random places away from the police. They tend to wear baggy hoodies and theive things from shops such as withit. They wear band t-shirts and have obsessions with anything that has stripes, polka dots, stars and studded belts are a must have.
They say that rap, hip-hop music is rubbish, though at any given chance they will listen to it, though when confronted of this they will declare their love for bands like my chemical romance, taking back sunday and fall out boy. (I like those bands but i never listen to rap or hip-hop etc threfore not scene)
They will write emo everywhere and many girls will kiss girls and boys will kiss boys if there's a big enough crowd. Many will film it and put it on their myspace.com account, which every scene kid has. They will try and add random people just to increase their friends list and will spend most of the day editing their page. Their msn name and myspace name will be something to do with dying, depression, sex, love or being 'emo'.
Scene kids love to get high, though they will never do drugs, they will simply get high on flu medicine or aerosols.
That's what a scene kid is. Locally also known as Scenemo because they are wannabe emos.
Calls everyone they know emo somebody, goth somebody, chav somebody, indie somebody or townie somebody, depending on what that person supposedly is.
Example of scene kid msn conversation:
XxBleedingStarxX: I cut myself again today
XxXxXDepressed.For.LifeXxXxX: Me too. I was so depressed I wrote die onto my arm
XxBleedingStarxX:Cool I got high on my solphadol today, just so the pain would go
XxXxXDepressed.For.LifeXxXxX:Rad I had sex with emo chris last night in the bush by the common
XxBleedingStarxX:Really? Wow Are you going to see from first to last?
XxXxXDepressed.For.LifeXxXxX: Yes I'm going with emo chris, emo kate, goth joe, and indie Chloe
XxBleedingStarxX: I can't go tell goth joe his boyfriend was snogging that emo rob last night.
XxXxXDepressed.For.LifeXxXxX: He knows, I showed him the film on myspace
XxBleedingStarxX: Oh right have you checked out my myspace i have a new stripey background and I've got 1,020 friends
XxXxXDepressed.For.LifeXxXxX: dam you've got more than me I've only got 1,002. I'm depressed now, I must go and cut myself (places picture of bleeding arm as msn display picture and logs off)
by jazz salmon September 24, 2006

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