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1. Darkest shaded of color
2. Racial/ethnic term: A black is a person with a majority of ancestors that stayed in sub-Saharan African during homo S. Sapian's original exodus from the continent. Blacks are the most genetically diverse race on Earth including some of the world's tallest (watusi) and shortest (pygmies) ethnic groups.
Today Black people live on every continent however they are most commonly found in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribean, and the Americas. The term black is sometimes applied to the aboriginals of Australia however they are desecended from homo S. Sapian's original out of Africa migration, and thus are only black in a skin color descriptive sense, and not in a racial, genetic, or ethnic sense. Because of America's one drop rule, the term black is also sometimes applied to people with only half-black ancestry such as Halle Barry, and Bob Marley, however these people have a roughly equal mix of black and non-black ancestry, and thus are only black in a socio-political sense, and are more accurately described as multi-racial.
by javra Moore February 14, 2007

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