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Ewadrd (Weasel Bayer) Grylls - to exaggerate accomplishments, to use all forms of deception to enhance ones self image, to falsify claims, and when caught, the rewording of achievements to disregard responsibility, claim to be a vegan and proceed to chow down of animal flesh like it was his last meal, to steal glory and fame by declaring for years, after two younger british climbers accomplished the feat, as the youngest british everest conquerer, stays in luxury resorts when he declared on the original shows that he will be spending the night here in the wild, the list is almost endless.

synonyms: liar, braggart, thief, psychopath, sociopath, egomaniac, living in a dream world, uncaring, self centered, narcissistic, satan's brother, mother fucker, phony bullshitting bastard, anti-christ.
bear grylls correct definition would be - stalin, mao, lenin, napoleon, hitler, saddam, charles manson, ted bundy rolled up into one person would be a edward (weasel bayer) grylls!
by jason krick November 05, 2007

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