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2 definitions by jamie minklestyk

A large mythical creature that is said to live in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. He only comes out to feed on McDonald Big Macs. The Dunlopasaur is also good friends with the OGOPOGO.
Kid 1: Hey man lets go get some BigMacs
Kid 2: Um hell no, i dont want to get eaten by the Dunlopasaur
Kid 1: yeah true that
by jamie minklestyk January 21, 2008
a crinkle puff is a crunchy snack, enjoyable for the whole family, mmmmmm. It is made from the great Canadian Maple Tree. A special, top secret syrup is extracted and formed into the great and amazing crinkle puff.
mmmmm that crinkle puff was goood.

I want your crinkle puff.
by jamie minklestyk January 09, 2008