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1 definition by james the tyrone lad

to start most people here are not ginger, beer loving, leprechauns called seamus o'donnell that eat nothing but spuds, maybe 2006 that would be true but not now. what is true is we have the best looking country side in the world e.g the giants causeway, the mournes and so on, we bulit the titanic, we practilly made new york and boston as without us there would be about 5 people there and all those quarter irish who say they can drink so much cus they are irish lets see if you can tell me wheres tyrone in ireland?
p.s ulster is not filled by crown loving british forigners changing the culture.
all in all Ireland is a modern country and not a farmers land full of spuds.

p.s.besides ulster we are not in the u.k!!!
by james the tyrone lad April 07, 2011