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1 definition by jake hinton

a sexual action performed by a man that involves having heterosexual relations and ejaculating vertically into one's own mouth, instead of onto or into the female. Also can be done as a solo ejaculation move.
1. Guy 1: "Yo, I definitely pulled a nate last night, shot it right into my mouth, she had no idea what was going on!"
Guy 2: "Man I've got to try that, but how's the taste?"
2. That girl was so nasty, i blacked in before i came, luckily i still had enough time to pull out and pull a nate
3. So I'm J.O.'ing last night and yawned right as i came, landed right in my mouth. I think it was the first unintentional pulling a nate ever.
by jake hinton February 25, 2008