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The name Mustafa is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is "chosen". One of the names of Muhammad.

1. A person who is characterised by his/her tendency to be overly aggressive and slow to pick up new things. Often recognizable by their weighted, dark and primatial eyebrows and iris. Rarely Punctual.
2. Common typo or mispronounciation for "Mufasa": A huge, powerful, male lion, Mufasa is the King of the Pride Lands at the start of the The Lion King, father of Simba and mate of Sarabi.
3. The universal name to implement when dealing with and/or harassing any kind of arab or Islamic follower.
1. "I'm sorry Sir, your flight took off 2 hours ago, you really shouldn't be so late next time."
"I was busy plucking my unibrow alright!! What the fuck does it matter?? Its that even that big of a deal retard!"
2. "Wow Mustafa is a badass muhfuggin' lion, look at his sweet mane"
"No dude that's MUFASA, Mustafa is that iraqi kid who draws bombs in maths"
3. "He's haulin' 10pounds of C4! Don't let him through Customs!"
"Johnson! Tackle that Mustafa down, Move Move!"
by jagisafagwholagsinbag July 12, 2009

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