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Basically, A SHIT HOLE. The filthy occupants come over to Britain, and drain our money, do not work, do not try to speak our language, use our nhs, nick cars, swear at people and do not try to speak or learn our language. This definition will not even be offensive, as eastern european people cannot be bothered to learn engilsh, to be able to read this! They pollute our country, and ruin this fine land. They are the rapists, mugging scum that make britain crap today. After all, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do' - If we was over in their respective country, and did what they did, we would get our children raped, but over here, we get arrested for racism!
Kosovan/ person from eastern europe: habdofj, jerhtr, hallo?

English law abiding, decent person: Excuse me, speak english in england.

Kosovan/ person from eastern europe: U fukin raceest!
by jacob-brickwood August 07, 2006

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