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3 definitions by jackleg21

1. The act of having sex in a military port-a-john. So named because the female's foot can accidentally slip into the blue sanitation water due to one leg being raised to allow access.
See that chick over there??? I gave her the bluefoot last Friday.
by jackleg21 April 09, 2008
Refers to a female's luscious ass. Applicable to jailbait, sorority sluts, MILFs and possibly even GMILFs for some of the more dsisturbed members of our society.
1.) Jim: I love when Alexis wears those spandex workout pants...

Joe: Yeah, you totally get a great view of her scrunion!

2.) Man, Cathy's ass is scrun-diggly-umptious!
by jackleg21 March 02, 2010
The act of stating for the entire room that you are leaving after being defeated in a discussion group or forum online. Cry for attention, basically.
Jane-Bob: "Really gone this time. I cannot stomach the men and two women on this page. No longer will expose myself to their rubbish!"

Jim-Bob: "Haha! The Dramatic Sashay Out (DSO) kills me every time. Troll for attention much?"
by jackleg21 October 04, 2013