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Another ex SNL actor. See SNL turds. Made alot of movies and must have powerful hollywood friends, because, bottom line: hes just not funny. Never was.
Want to see that new adam sandler movie?
Me either.
by john October 29, 2004
adj. the state of being ragged or worn out.
"I'm looking California, and feeling Minnesota" (from Soundgarden's famous "Outshined")
by john October 10, 2004
You start by taking a shit on a girls face then you have you and your friends come on her face. then you fuck her throat til she pukes and then u take all the fluids and use it as anal lube. when you're done suck the fluids out of her ass and make out with her then fuck her sister in a kiddy pool full of the fluids.
definition pretty much explains it
by john February 07, 2005
Skanks that love anal sex. Very rude and annoying.
That latina wouldnt shut up til i put it in her ass
by John February 02, 2005
things on a womans upper area lower then her neck
things on a girls cheast area
by john March 13, 2005
A band that no one actually liked. They were only listened to because Rolling Stone gave them a good review. Thankfully, since the band experienced modest popularity, they'll no longer be trendy. Soon, they'll be sitting right next to ICP and Dashboard Confessional in the mainstream, yet still underground, not listened to bin.
Did you hear about the new Modest Mouse CD? Neither did I.
by John February 09, 2005
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