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A coupon for a feminine hygiene product.
Tara: Let's go to the store.

Ashley: I thought you just went yesterday...

Tara: Yeah but I found a bunch of coochpons in O Magazine, and I haven't been feeling very fresh down there lately...

Ashley: It sucks to be a girl.
by J228R October 25, 2010
Your girlfriend's best male friend who has always liked her but never made a move (or made a move and got rejected).
You: Hey Sarah, wanna go to a movie and give each other handjobs in the back of the theater?

Sarah: I would, but Thursday is coffee night with Matt, my BFF.

You: Matt is a Weinerfag.
by J228R October 28, 2010
A large number of alcoholic beverages. Typically conveyed in writing or text.
Caitlyn: hey.. come too applebeess and get dirnks with meeee!

Thomas: Grow the fuck up.
by j228r October 25, 2010

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