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2 definitions by j-Moneyyyyyniggggagaaa

A "p2p sharing software" that has many worms, viruses, adware, and spyware attached, not to mention there is countless hacks and viruses on the files inside.

Malware installed by Kazaa includes the following:

Cydoor (spyware): Collects information on the PC's surfing habits and passes it on to the company which created Cydoor.

B3D (adware): An add-on which causes advertising popups if the PC accesses a website which triggers the B3D code.

Altnet (adware): A distribution network for paid "gold" files.

The Best Offers (adware): Tracks your browsing habits and internet usage to display advertisements similar to your interests.

InstaFinder (hijacker): Redirects your URL typing errors to InstaFinder's web page instead of the standard search page.

TopSearch (adware): Displays paid songs and media related to your search in Kazaa.

RX Toolbar (spyware): The toolbar monitors all the sites you visit with Microsoft Internet Explorer and provides links to competitors' websites.

New.net (hijacker): A browser plugin that lets you access several of its own unofficial Top Level Domain names, e.g., .chat and .shop. The main purpose of which is to sell domain names......

The bottom line, dont download this. Use frostwire.
Kazaa is so pathetic. Who would even download it? *downloads frostwire*
by j-Moneyyyyyniggggagaaa May 30, 2009
THE most disgusting beer availible on the market today. Do not buy. Bud Ice is so bad, that when you drink another shitty beer after drinking bud ice, it will taste amazing.
*Use as a vomit inducer
Tom: hey Pete, want some bud ice?

Pete: sure, it will make my Natty light taste amazing!
by j-Moneyyyyyniggggagaaa May 19, 2009