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Wurzelling means following Portsmouth Football Club.
Wurzelling, wurzelling, wurzelling free, the bell-ringing Wurzels of Pompey are we.
#wurzel #worzel #skate #scum #pompey
by iwys5 June 24, 2007
A term of abuse used by football fans for supporters of a rival team. It originates from the word scum, which was first used by fans of London teams, such as Millwall, in the late 1960s. Nowadays, fans of many teams use it. For example, Lincoln fans call Scunthorpe fans the Scummers and it is also the name Leeds fans give to Manchester United fans.
Eric Cantona has gone to the Scummers.
#scum #fan #football #rival #supporter
by iwys5 June 23, 2007
A wurzel is what supporters of other teams call a fan of Portsmouth Football Club. It originated from the fact that their small band of followers, or wurzels, mainly come from the countryside and, with their hand-bell, drum and bugle, long blue wigs and fancy dress, have a rustic character.
John Westwood is a wurzel.
#fan #worzel #pompey #skate #scum
by iwys5 June 23, 2007
A Worzel, sometimes also spelled "wurzel", is a supporter of Portsmouth Football Club. They are called this because their fans mainly come from the countryside and have a rural dialect.
Watford beat the Worzels 4-1 today.
#scum #skate #wurzel #portsmouth #pompey
by iwys5 June 24, 2007
Fantabulous is an adjective meaning something is of the highest quality. It is a combination of fantastic and fabulous, which was commonly used in London in the 1960s and 70s to describe various aspects of pop culture and fashions. It was especially popular with Chelsea girls like Joanna Lumley. It is still in use in England today, but not as much as it used to be.
That new coat of yours looks absolutely fantabulous!
#fab gear #chelsea girl #fabulous #fantastic #carnaby street
by iwys5 June 26, 2007
A public argument between two fat people
Look at those two having a lard off in the street.
#lardster #lard ass #lard arse #fat #obese
by iwys5 June 24, 2007
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