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David Hanjani is an actor, director, cinematographer, producer, and editor from California. He was born on May 30th 199th. During his early ages of 10 and 11, he played with his fathers old camera. He quikcly picked up photography and stared taking pictures of everything around him. Which later led him into directing, shooting films, as well taking part in music and many other arts within cinema and the movie making process. He is also known for his videos on a broad variety of sources, as well as youtube and for shooting with professional cameras used for cinematography. David also experienments with a broad variety of arts such as magic, physical painting, takes part in action sports, and photography. He is currently working on his fan base and attracting a broad variety of audience.
"Have man , you heard of David Hanjani?"

"Yeah, dudes pretty cool, like.. I think he's a pretty cool director!"
by ivan belrushe AG December 24, 2012
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