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slang term for people who follow the religion of judiasim. this is the oldest abrahamic relgion this is told to us by the bible and the quran,people who have abandend the path of god,are responsible for countless world crimes,and are moreless,annoying,money horders who will all have a home in the hell fire.they have a natural greed and have no manual labor ability at all,acoponied by a large ugly nose larger uglier hair,and a whiney annoying uglier voice.they countroll everything and make honest hardworking people exsaust themselves so they can go bang there head in a wall and live in a land stolen from innocent palestinans that they slaughtered raped and tourtured and repeated what happened to them by the nazis (they recieve money as conspentation from the german people who werent even around during the time of the holocuast,just as they say there wernt around for the death of christ,and it wasnt romans who killed christ it was the jews.-this deffenetion may seem hatefull and racesist but its not ive learend this from first hand expeirence,im sure theres a good jew out there i just havent met one yet.
"youd think with all that money they have they could just buy land instead of stealing it from innocent people and commiting genocide."

man1"howd he get that job he didnt even know what he was doing!!"
man2"hes a jew they look out for eachother,dont you know jews dont have to work for anything"

woman"dont touch me there!"
jew"why must you tourture me ive been through enough my family was in the holocaust!"
by ishmailthewarrioroflight July 05, 2006

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