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1 definition by imsoflylikedat1245

The biggest whore you'll ever meet. She goes by the name Gabi because it's easier for all of her boyfriends to remember. She lost her virginity at 12. She thinks she's Italian and lies about everything. She tells people she's adopted. She tries acting mature but it's all an act because she'll talk trash behind your back. Don't trust Gabriellas. They have a stupid laugh and braces ruin their already ugly face. Gabriellas usually have bad teeth. Don't trust Gabriella with any guy because she'll end up on top of him as soon as possible. In conlusion, all Gabriellas SUCK.
My boyfriend left me for some girl who gave him a blow job. Her name was Gabriella.
by imsoflylikedat1245 March 31, 2011
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