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The underside and lower front half of a woman's breast(s) leading to, but not passing, the areola and/or nipple.
Those crazy-girl-video commercials show lots of underbooby.
by ill-Gotten August 04, 2008
To scrunch an eyebrow down upon one's squinted or intensely focused eye in order to silently convey severe disapproval.
"Dude, your girlfriend is giving you the Hairy Eyebrow. You better stop looking at Susan's tits."
by ill-Gotten August 04, 2008
Itchy scrotum.
Due to an unfortunate scrotal rash I eagerly paw my scratchy satchel.
by ill-Gotten August 04, 2008
An unshorn vagina.
Crusty Sea Pirate (whilst looking at pirate-era porn): "Arg, wouldya look at the bearded rascal on this fine wench!"
by ill-Gotten August 05, 2008
A person who blocks access to all other varieties of fountain beverages as he fills his own.
"I had to wait forever to refill my beverage due to the refreshmental that was in the way."
by ill-Gotten August 04, 2008

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