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Blackwood N. Small gay ass town,nick named B-wood, full of black people and white people who think they're black. Everyone here thinks they're from Camden, with the exception of a white kid.. who again thinks hes black and is from Miami, that likes to go to wawa and buy roses for some bitch. Kids all think they're "hard", but in actuality we're all a bunch of pot smoking dumbasses that like to get into accidents on their way to school with state troopers.

2. The hometown of the most amazing fucker ever. aka Casey Kringler and Char V Lance
1.Holy shit.. that white kids smoking a lil shum shum.....and why are his jeans below his ass like a black boy?

2. Were are you from?
I'm from blackwood.
OMG Casey and Char are from there!
by idontgiveacare March 27, 2009

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