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In DOTA, noob host has a few defination:
1. Complete moron that create a DOTA game and full house, purpose leave the game without the game ever start, annoy everyone out.
2. Host that create a DOTA game but suck at it. Commonly seen as love to become feeder.
3. Host that almost lose the game and leave the game when opponent are closer to their victory, pissing them out.
4. Host that lag the game and delay it, and so on, fucking everyone off.
5. Host that AFK and leave when his level is so low. Example: everyone is above level 18 but host still at 12.
1. Host: ok, gogogo.

AP mode.
Host has left the game.
Gamer 1: Hey, fuck u.
Gamer 2, NOOB HOST LA!

2. gamer 7 pwn host's head for 275 gold!
gamer 7 is beyond godlike! Somebody kill him!
gamer 2: sigh! Host got fucked again!
gamer 3: serve that faggot right! Who ask the noob host to feed gamer 7 so much???
gamer 7: ^^

3. Gamer 7, 8, 9, 10: Yeah! Faster push, we almost win!
Gamer 2, 3, 4, 5: GG! ^^
Host has left the game.
Everyone: zzzzzzzz
Everyone: Piss the host off la!
Gamer 4: LOL! NOOB HOST!

4. Gamer 6: Lag again! Host got tunnel or not???
Host: tunnel already lo!
Gamer 6: then y still lag??
Host: zzzzzzz
Gamer 7: Noob Host! ^^

5. ( Ping the map )
Gamer 5: If wasn't the host afk, we could have win.
Gamer 3: Yalo, Fucking Noob Host!
Gamer 4: See la, host only level 12 only!

Host has left the game.

Everyone: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Gamer 4: Like that also left game. XD!
by i noob at dota May 11, 2009
A agility based lightning hero in Warcraft 3 custom map, DOTA. He strike lightning with frenzy, but take more damage. ( Techies will sure first blood this guy before he managed to kill techies! XD ) Chain Lightning is chain nuke, can cause damage to unit it jump. ( It's willl make his opponent hair jump so high until they high )Unholy Aura will make you move faster and increase life regeneration. ( Not fast enough to make you escape from rape. So if you noob, better cry for your mommy because you had lose your virginity. Storm seeker can strike your opponent automatically. ( If some low life hero chase you, this skill will sure piss them off, what a coward!)
killmahai1256 (Razor): You cannot kill me. You sure die.

( Use Frenzy )

Killmahai1256 pwned Alleria Windrunner's head for 245 gold!
Alleria Windrunner pwn killmahai1256's head for 245 gold!

Alleria Windrunner: Lolx! Killing each other!What a Razor the Lightning Relevent!
Killmahai1256: XD!
by i noob at dota April 01, 2009
A relatively strong spellcaster in the WArcraft Custom Game, DOTA. He is a ice spellcaster. He is able to slow and damage an enemy hero with his frost nova ( Killsteal with this would be excellent ^^ )He also increase the team survivility with his spell frost armor. ( Holy Crap! +12 armors?? WTF )His dark rithual ais able to deny an allied creep for your own mana. ( So it will taunt yours foe angrily and he couldn't wait to pwn you so hard! XD! )His ultimate spell, chain frost is very powerful. ( Multiple frost nova only, duh?? )His ulti could rip his foe's living crap out of their heaven. Holy Shit!
Killmahai1256 (Lich): Ok, let check the ulti.

Killmahai1255 just pwned x hero's head for 210 golds.
Killmahai just drew first bloods! (+200 golds)
Killmahai1255 just pwned y hero's head for 210 golds!
Killmahai1256 just got Double Kill!
Killmahai1255 just pwned z hero's head for 210 golds!
Killmahai1256 is on killing spree!
Killmahai1256 just got Triple Kill!

X,Y,Z: WTF??
Killmahai1256 (Lich): hahaha!

by i noob at dota March 31, 2009

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